How Hypnosis, EFT & NLP helped a lady with a fear of vegetables

Christina Mills Dip EHP NLP Master Practitioner EFT Practitioner

(Notes: EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP = NeuroLinguistic Programming)

I was contacted recently by Southern Counties Radio about a lady who had a fear of vegetables. She was unable to handle any vegetables and most fruit, in addition she was not able to say the names of vegetables without causing herself extreme anxiety. So saying ‘cauliflower’ or ‘broccoli’ was something that she had been unable to do for about 40 years.

The radio station asked me to have a hypnotherapy session with her. An interview was transmitted live of us before the session and afterwards. Also BBC South East Today broadcasted a piece about the session in their evening programme.

Krissy* arrived at my clinic with the film crew in a state of high anxiety. They had taken her to a vegetable shop to demonstrate to the viewers just how anxious her reaction was. After the crew left, we were able to settle down to our session.

After this, we talked about the origins of her phobia. Her mother had died when she was 8, her father was ‘always putting her down’ and she had the impression he never really liked her. She also felt he may have blamed her in some way for her mother’s death. Consequently she was sent to various relatives to look after her. One of these was an uncle who owned a vegetable shop. The shop was dark, dingy, and smelly – and so was he! As she used to walk through the shop the smell of vegetables made her feel sick. Of course she was grieving for her mother and also suffering the disruption of the family life she knew. Since that time, her phobia of vegetables developed.

I used E.F.T. as the first part of my session with her. Before we began I asked her to scale from 1 to 10 her anxiety levels about vegetables. She stated that it was 9 or 10. After two rounds of ‘tapping’ it was down to 2 or 3. That’s a good start to any hypnotherapy session isn’t it?

She was then able to relax into hypnosis very well and in her imagination we established a special place of relaxation where she felt secure and peaceful. I used NLP to anchor this state of mind and continued with many positive suggestions.

The session of E.F.T. hypnosis and NLP was so successful that she was able to say the names of several vegetables live on air straight after the session without any anxiety. Not only that, but she says how she feels so much better about herself in many ways. She is continuing to make progress and is learning to let go of the past.

After 4 decades of suffering from this phobia, it is extremely satisfying that the skills of hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective at releasing Krissy from the prison of her phobic reaction.

The session attracted the interest of the local and national press, and various magazines.

*Krissy has given my kind permission to publish her case details in the hope that it will inspire others who suffer from similar phobias to seek professional help from a qualified hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner

Christina Mills Dip EHP NLP Master Practitioner EFT Practitioner

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