Tackling the Obesity Time Bomb

by Diana Powley www.dunehypnotherapy.co.uk Judy had struggled with her weight all her life and went to a hypnotherapist. At the time she weighed 16 stone. Her hypnotherapist, Rosemarie, used a two-part process. Firstly, getting Judy to understand her behaviour then, through a relaxed state of mind, suggesting how she could alter her habits to new, … Read more

OBESITY – £1bn-a-year problem for the NHS

It’s time to recognise obesity as a medical condition and Hypnotherapy could be the most effective treatment, says Diana Powley, leading Clinical Hypnotherapist It is estimated that treating obesity-related diseases costs the NHS over £1billion a year. · The proportion of obese children is now rising faster in Britain than in the US · Obesity … Read more