A Report on the Efficacy of Self-Hypnosis and EFT for Eliminating Skin Conditions: (or… How I Evicted a Whole Family of Verrucae from their 15-year Encampment on the Sole of my Left Foot)

By Derek Palmer D.Hyp GQHP Sometime during 1994, I developed a verruca on the sole of my left foot. Having previously anatomically hosted one or two warts which had appeared and then disappeared of their own accord within months and mindful of the fact that verrucae are members of the wart family, the new visitor … Read more

A Hypnotherapists Case Book 3 case reports

by Brian Green These articles were originally first published as a column in L.A. Health Magazine, under the title, A Hypnotherapist’s Casebook. A Hypnotherapist’s Casebook. No 1. Hypnotherapy for Healing A little over ten years ago I was between jobs. I had been working in Psychiatric Hospitals and other Institutions, as an Admissions Counselor, Chemical … Read more

A case study involving the use of Hypnotherapy for Psoriasis

by Paul Howard D.Hyp MNCHwww.sich.co.uk Introduction Sally was one of the clients in a study I conducted on the effects of Hypnotherapy on Plaque Psoriasis. Having seen various studies on how Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in tackling psoriasis I asked for volunteers on a self-help forum through the Internet. Sally was one of the … Read more