Hypnosis and the Great Work of Transformation

By Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI

What Does Transformation Mean?

Transformation is a process of moving from darkness into light. It’s a darkness-into-light shift in consciousness that can happen at any moment. Through it you can make dynamic shifts in understanding to move pain, grief, anger, sadness, and trauma into new ways of being. Everything that has happened in life contains the seeds of dynamic transformation. Ultimately, you can move into the true essence of strength, love, healing, and positive redirection. There is emotional and physical healing as well as support for spiritual transformation.

It’s about first paying attention to the difficulties, experiencing how they feel or sound or what they look like, and then releasing and transforming them by making this connection with a more transcendent state of consciousness. This helps us to view our difficulties differently by shifting our level of awareness. There is truly a temple of healing that exists within. The healing process is a movement from darkness into light, from the unreal to the real, and from the deepest to the highest states of consciousness.

What are the Different Levels of Consciousness?

There are different levels of consciousness in every being, and we can work with them all in states of hypnosis.

The first of these levels, the conscious mind, is the thinking part of consciousness. Its job is to judge, be logical, evaluate and take in the facts of the world through its own interpretations. Too often it gets mired in these interpretations, when it appears that a rope it sees is a snake or when it thinks that everything must be judged. It’s the conscious mind, and we live here a great deal of the time. Through hypnosis, we can view the ways our minds are looking at events see if there’s a way to view them differently.

The next level is the subconscious mind, the data storage or filing system of consciousness. Everything that has happened to you is stored here and cataloged. This includes, losses, pain, habits, traumas, and it also includes subpersonalities like the inner child. You can put it on “search mode” and find out a lot about what’s going on. You don’t have to dwell in this area, and yet it holds its own fascination as the great search engine of the inner being. You can put it on “search mode” and find out the possible origins of current issues.

The unconscious mind stores records of all your karmas and patterns that you’ve brought to this lifetime, such as tendencies to feel “I’ll never be any good” or “I’m better than everyone.”
The energy field is your aura or electromagnetic field. Tapping the code of your energy field can create healing and great relief from pain and suffering.

The crown jewel of states of consciousness is the superconscious state. This is the remedy for all the issues and difficulties of life, the challenges from every other level. In the superconscious state or higher self, you find the Wise Mind, along with love, peace, light, forgiveness, bliss, healing and enlightenment. When we work with the Wise Mind, we tap into the vast pool of the superconscious healing system of the universe, for it is set up so that we can become enlightened and healed by recognizing its profound offerings to us.

What Are the Three Stages of Healing?

They are: Experience, Release, and Transform. The first phase of this healing work is allowing yourself to fully experience your experience, to come to know what’s inside. The second is to release the experience, and the third is to transform it.

As you move through the stages of “Experience, Release and Transform,” you first allow the full experience of the experience, to come to know what’s taking place within. Next, you’re able to release the experience, and then you can transform it.

The “Experience” Stage

Every experience of life has value. Paying close attention is the first step in the process of inner knowledge. It is a process of looking with an inner microscope or magnifying glass and just seeing what’s there. It’s about looking, for example, at current experiences that are taking place in the body – pains, constrictions, tingling, holding – whatever is happening in the moment. It’s also about looking at the mind and emotions – seeing whether there is sadness or rage or tightness or shame. It’s about looking even more deeply at the experience, possibly finding the roots. The roots may be in childhood, or they may go all the way back to the womb. Or they may go to another lifetime, or to a belief or a tendency of the mind. Even as you pay attention to the deep experience, transformation is taking place, for whatever you pay attention to naturally transforms.

The “Release” Stage
Sometimes release happens naturally as a direct result of “looking deeply” or “paying attention.” This second stage is a natural process. Clouds release raindrops when it’s time to let the rain come. Boils on the skin release foreign matter when it’s time to heal. Other times, we can assist in the release process by using techniques such as energy therapy (EFT), which taps away old traumas, fears, resentments, guilt, grief, shame, anger and emotional trauma, and there are other release processes which we’ve looked at in other articles and will talk about in more detail in future ones.

Release is a clearing out of consciousness. It’s like cleaning out closets and drawers, releasing old correspondence or outworn clothes. As these are discarded, you invite in a new level of life. You initiate an opening of a reality that had previously been either closed or unknown.

The “Transform” Stage

This third stage comes when there’s a readiness to shift consciousness to a new level, an opening to see with different eyes. Sometimes the transformation will lead to places suffused with light. Or a profound wisdom may come forth. You may find that deep compassion is flowing or that there is an upliftment into the experience of love.

Going through the three levels allows the process of transformation from the deepest places to the highest ones. One person found a lotus at the bottom of a murky pond. Another felt as if she were experiencing a birth process through a very dark tunnel and out into an experience of light.

We remember that healing is the work of a lifetime, that healing is a cyclic process. We know that in this process we continue to transform darkness into light and to experience love, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom, the ability to stand back and see with greater perspective, and the ability to know the great power of healing.

Some Questions You Can Ask to Assist in Transformation

“Whenever you’re ready, you can share with me what you’re experiencing. It may be a picture, a feeling, a thought or an impression.” (Ask questions to vivify the experience…” What’s happening now? Tell me about it. Where are you? How old are you? Is anyone else there? What do you feel in your body? Do you see anything? Tell me more.)

“Are you ready to release this now?”

“What does that part of you need? (Or how can you bring more love to this?)” -Or-
“What resources do you have within you that can help you with this?” -Or-
“What would your Wise Mind like to tell you about this?” -Or-
“What is this here to teach you?”
(Other transformational experiences: love, comfort, compassion, guidance, (inner healer, spiritual guide) forgiveness, wisdom, witness, soul lesson, light, reframing.

How a Man Transformed his Anger

One man named Dan found that he was constantly angry with his boss. He saw his boss as a petty tyrant. Dan stewed in his anger so much that he was developing a skin ailment. It was something akin to hives, which involved an eruption of redness, and which he knew was his anger externalized. He also knew that he’d have to make some changes in his perception, as this was starting to affect him in powerful ways. When his Wise Mind suggested to him that he look at his boss from an expanded point of view, he saw that his boss was still a child in many ways, bullying his way through life. He imagined his boss as a child, and he experienced that the boss had, himself, been bullied throughout his childhood. This relieved the man of a great deal of his anger. He simply moved back to see his boss more clearly. In stepping back, he was also able to view the panorama of the experience at work. He saw that this was a “setup” by the universe to get him to heal his own childhood and his own anger. He felt sorry for his boss. The emotions didn’t affect him any longer, as he moved into a space of the “observer.” From this, he soon found he didn’t need to be working with the boss any longer. He could move on in his life as he had moved on in his consciousness. He had made the giant leap from the darkness of his angry emotions to the light of his compassion.

How Another Man Began to Live Again

Jack, a man of 62, had decided he was a “loser.” He had gotten off the wheel of his own success fifteen years ago when he lost his position in a company, and he had put his foot on the brake of the rest of his life. He now did nothing. He decided that he no longer had any worth, and so his life stagnated. When he came to talk to me about this, he said he knew he wasn’t very good because his parents had told him this over and over. But Jack knew that the time was up for this pattern, and he was finally ready for a breakthrough. Among other things we worked on together, Jack traveled into the terrain of the Wise Mind. It helped him to understand that he didn’t have to listen to this old conditioning inside himself any longer. The Wise Mind told him to begin his life again immediately. Start by cleaning up his home step by step. Pay attention to himself inside as well, and he’d be given the instructions for the daily renewal of his life. Decide that if he ever berated himself again, he was to tell himself, “I don’t shop here anymore. I am healing myself now.” Miracles are continuing to happen in Jack’s life as he continues to tune into the frequency of the Wise Mind. He called this “better than medicine, and healthier, too.” A new sense of joy has entered Jack’s life, as he operates now from a more expanded understanding of his life.

The Trials of Life Become Transformational Experiences

In addition to perceptual shifts, you also find that there is an understanding of the life of the spirit in greater depth. As you move through darkness and into the light, you understand the trials of life as transformational experiences. This is felt emotionally, physically and spiritually. There is a lifting into lighter emotions, a lifting up spiritually so that the great source of great power that lives within is understood experientially. This is the nature of transformation. We are working, as you remember, with all levels of consciousness. All of these are the components of a healing system that moves you gracefully from darkness into light.

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