Bridezillas Turn to Hypnosis to Smooth Out Wedding Woes

By Dr Georgina Cannon

Imagine a stress-free wedding. It can actually happen. Brides and grooms are able to relieve wedding day stress through hypnotherapy. Your wedding day can be the day you’ve always dreamed of – without all the added worries!

The amount of pressure on brides to be perfect is enormous, especially on what they are told simply must be the happiest day of their life. In reality, we all know that weddings are a time of stress and preparation – the speeches, the wedding dance, entering a new life, a new family, and don’t forget the stress of the expense. These days, couples are turning to the newest component of wedding planning, a hypnotherapist.

“Spring is one of my busiest times as brides and grooms come for hypnotherapy to overcome fear of speaking, dancing, and to overcome social phobias. These are things most of us are rarely called upon to do,” says Dr. Georgina Cannon, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist at Toronto’s Hypnosis Centre.

Hypnosis allows upcoming brides and grooms the opportunity to overcome wedding day stresses including fear of public speaking (speeches), social phobias (being centre of attention), fear of flying (honeymoon), weight loss (the bride has to look great in that dress), and more. This type of hypnotherapy assisted numerous couples in pulling off great events by using the subconscious to retrain the mind to accept the attention and to gain confidence in speaking and more.

The ensuing stress is why many brides and grooms are turning to hypnotherapists for help. Many hypnotherapists see couples prior to their big event, helping them to download the enormous pressure. Hypnotherapy offers bridezillas and groomzillas some very inventive ideas that can be used throughout the day to help de-stress.

In sessions with couples, a good hypnotherapist should offer a tool-box of subliminal suggestions that help the couple relax and enjoy their day.

1, 2, 3 Relax:

The bride and groom receive suggestions so that they automatically de-stress as they speak their vows.

The words “I do” can be a suggestion to bring them into deep relaxation.

The hypnotherapist can plant a suggestion so the bride and groom become more and more relaxed as the do their wedding dance.

The bride’s bouquet can be a focus to relax breath and walk in balance.

The groom can pre-plan to have his bride be the focus during his speech so that looking at her will make him relax.

Before the wedding, play a self hypnosis relaxation CD.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – no one really cares of the lining of the envelope matches the flowers or not. This is not a day to be perfect, it is a day to be loved and loving.

Dr. Georgina Cannon, certified master clinical hynotherapist, is an international award-winning teacher, lecturer and Director of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre in Toronto, ON. Dr. Cannon is recognized by many in the media as “The Source” for expert opinion in the field of hypnotherapy and issues around complementary wellness treatments, and she regularly meets with medical and wellness professionals to enhance their knowledge and awareness of hypnosis and the dynamic healing potential of soul, or past life journeys. For more information on Dr. Georgina Cannon please visit:

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